The Beginning

Well it’s May 2015 and I’ve had this site for a few years now and figure it’s time I add a new type of content to it. Historically has been devoted mainly to just directions and descriptions to hiking trails, camping locations, rock hounding sites and what I call “Day Outings” which are generally trips to areas that are interesting to me and that are both highly publicized and some that probably many people have never heard of and which range from a short excursion to a long full day. I am going to attempt to keep the content focused on western Colorado and Eastern Utah, hence the name “Colorado west Outdoors” but in an effort to keep things interesting you never know what I might talk about. It’s often difficult to find information on lesser known areas around western Colorado and eastern Utah so hopefully my posts will help people that have that explorer “bug” in them gather some informed information on some areas of interest.

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