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Material: Fossils/Geodes
Vehicle: Any
GPS Coordinates: 38° 56.981’N , 108° 24.784’W

The area that I refer to as Whitewater is actually located a few miles outside of the town of Whitewater. To access the area from the town of Whitewater you need to travel east from 1st street about 3.4 miles. Keep an eye out on your left or the northern side of the highway and you will see a gate and cattle guard. You will need to continue past the gate for another mile or so where there is a left turn lane because you cannot access the area from the east bound lane. You can turn around here and head back to the gate. Once inside the fence there is a small turn around area where you can park. I have seen people with trucks or SUV’s continue towards the hillside but the ground can get pretty soft in areas and it wouldn’t take much to get stuck.

Rather walking or driving you will need to make your way towards the hill side. There is a small gully or canyon area that goes off to your right. I generally head for the south facing slope of the small gully and climb my way up a little over half way up.

Once you get there you will see where people have been digging and you’ll also see pieces of geodes and various other specimens.

The Whitewater location is one of the few places you can find geodes in Grand Junction. The geodes are usually in the lighter brown colored mounds that line the hillside. You’ll have to dig a little in order to find pieces that are not broke. The geodes in this area are not what you’re probably picturing in your head. These geodes are filled with a white calcite like material and they are not real colorful. They are still kind of neat to have though. I have heard that they can get pretty big, some even a foot or so in diameter.

We kind of stumbled across the fossils the first time we came to this area. We were originally here for the geodes but found if you dig in the right spots you can come across some rather interesting fossils as well.

Most of the fossil material you’ll find out here are a plant like fossil. I’m not real sure what they are but I’ve been told they are some type of tube plant. You’ll also come across some snail and shell fossils as well. If you’re looking for fossils you need to dig in the grey colored dirt. If you look close you can see a strip of grey running horizontal the whole way and about halfway up the side of the hill. The last time I was out I dug up a scorpion somehow and ran across an extremely fast little snake as well so be careful.

There seems to be a wide range of material in this area. Most of it is the drab brown and grey colored stuff but the more you look the more cool things you’ll find. There is a lot of area out there all along the ridge that runs along the highway and it has many opportunities to find things.

Do be considerate though it you go too far either east or west you will run into private property, please stay off unless you get permission from the landowners. Have fun and “Rock on”.





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