Pinyon Park-Twin Fawn


Pinyon Park/Twin Fawn Trail

Date: 6/21/2015
Difficulty: Easy
Miles: 1.3 one way
Rating: 3halfstar
Type: In-out or shuttle
Time: 1 hr
Trailhead GPS Coordinates: 38°12’51.27″N , 107°44’4.68″W
Maps: Ridgway Trail Map , RidgwayDutchCharlieMap , RidgwayPaCoChuPukMap
Park Website: Ridgway State Park



PinyonPark_TwinFawn24The Pinyon Park and Twin Fawn trails are a combination of two trails located within Ridgway State Park. Each one is less than a mile so to make it more fun I just combined the two. To access the park from Grand Junction Colorado you need to travel south on US-50 for approximately 60 miles until you reach Montrose. Once in Montrose US-50 turns into US-550 south.  Continue straight through Montrose for another 22 miles or so until you come to Ridgway Reservoir. Take the second entrance which is the Dutch Charlie and Visitors Center entrance.

the Pinyon Park Trail begins just north of the visitors center. The trail itself is relatively flat with PinyonPark_TwinFawn13an elevation loss of about 120 feet. the surface is compacted with a layer of fine gravel. During my time at the park I seen a number of people utilizing this trail for their early morning or evening runs.

As you travel along the trail you will have some great views of the Cimmaron Mountains including Courthouse Mountain and Chimney Rock to the east and the hillside that leads up to the Elk Ridge Campgrounds on your west.

The trail travels for just over a half mile until it crosses a small meadow and ends at the parking area for the marina and swim beach.

PinyonPark_TwinFawn19From this point you have the option to go swimming or boating or turn left and explore the Twin Fawn section of the trail. the Twin Fawn Trail is a bit more strenuous but not enough to merit an increase in difficulty. There is about a 275 foot elevation gain and the trail is not compacted and has a few small ledges, rocks and tree roots to step over and around.

The trail climbs as it switches back and forth offering some nice views of the reservoir. There are a lot of trees through this area and opportunity to see some animals, we spotted a deer on our hike up and the rangers said a bear was spotted on the hill as well.

Once the trail reaches the top of the hill it levels out and there is a nice place with a bench to sit PinyonPark_TwinFawn22and take in the view. It would be a great place to watch the sun set.

Once at the top you have the option of a shuttle back to the visitors center or where ever you’re camping or turning around and going back the way you came.

Ridgway State Park is a nice place and one that is well taken care. There are quite a few miles of trails but most of them are pretty easy. If you’re looking for a bit more of a workout within the park then the Enchanted Mesa Trail would be your best bet.


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