Quad Rocker Loop

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Quad Rocker Loop
Date: 1/4/2011
Difficulty: Moderate
Miles: Approx. 3 miles round trip
Rating: 3halfstar
Time: 2 hours
Trailhead GPS Coordinates: 39° 0’5.91″N, 108°36’23.82″W
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The Quad Rocker Loop is located South of Grand Junction and is located along the East side of Little Park Road. To access the trailhead from 1st and Grand in Grand Junction travel West on Broadway for approximately .87 miles until you reach Monument Road. Turn left and travel another .17 miles to D Road, turn left here and follow D Road until it turns into Rosevale Road. Continue on Rosevale Road for another 1.2 miles until you reach Little Park Road on your right. Turn onto Little Park road and follow it for about 4.1 miles. The trail head is located at the second actual road on your left. If you pull into the area you will notice signs indicating that there is no parking. There is a pull off shortly before the trailhead on your right where I parked and it was a short walk up Little Park Road to the trail.

I had originally started off the day with the intention of hiking the Canyon View trail which is in the same area but due to not being too familiar with the area I turned off on the wrong trail and ended up on the Quad Rocker Loop. Other then backtracking I decided to alter my plans slightly and continue.

I haven’t spent much time in this area and I was surprised at the multitude of trails and the dual use designation. The area reminded me slightly of the Devils Canyon area near Fruita. There are trails that go off in all directions. One difference is that most of this area is not only open to hiking but is also open to ATV’s, Jeeps, Mountain Bikes and Horses. Given the close proximity to town and the various use designations I’m sure during the warmer months the area is probably crawling with activity. The day I went it was snowing all day and remained a sultry 32deg or less the whole time I was out so there wasn’t much going on in the area.

The trail starts out following and actual road that eventually will lead you to the Billings Canyon Jeep Trail as far as I could tell.  After approximately a quarter mile you will turn right and leave the main road. From this point the trail drops down into a small gully and begins climbing the other side.  The trail from here is still open to ATV’s and vehicles but would be more suited to the smaller ATV’s, bikes and horses.

The trail continues to do a steady climb from this point on until you reach the turn off to head back down. If you have ever been at the Mica Mine or Rough Canyon Trailhead, the mountain you see directly to the East of the trailhead is about where the Quad Rocker loop turns back. The trail doesn’t actually go to the summit of the hill but you can get to it with a little determination.

Once the trail begins its decent back down, it does a small loop as it follows the rim of the mountain. You can see the Monument in the distance and Little Park Road down below you. The trail connects back to the section you took to reach the top and follows this portion for a short distance. Keep an eye out on your left for the marker indicating the Quad Rocker loop and take it as it winds its way down the side of the mountain. This portion of the trail will drop you down and connect back to the main road which will lead you back to the trailhead.

Overall the trail was a fairly nice hike even though I didn’t see any wildlife, other than a single bunny. As I stated earlier I got the impression that this is a very high use area during the warmer months so if seclusion and peace and quiet is what you want, this probably would not fit the bill, unless you’re slightly crazy like me and go when it is snowing and freezing.




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