Miramonte Rim

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 Miramonte Rim
Date: 11/26/12
Difficulty: Moderate
Miles: 4.8
Rating: 3star
Hours: 2 ½
Trail Head GPS Coordinates: 39° 2.356’N , 108° 35.460’W
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The Miramonte Rim Trail is located within the Lunch Loop Trail System that is located just south of Grand Junction and between Little Park Road and Monument road. There are a number of access points to get to the trail. This post describes the route starting from the small pull off on Little Park Road.

To reach the trail head from 1st and Grand in Grand Junction  you need to travel west on Grand Ave. also known as highway 340 for just under 1 mile until you come to Monument Road. From here you will need to turn left onto Monument Road and travel about ¼ miles until you come to Rosevale Road which will be on your left. Follow Rosevale road for about 1.2 miles until you reach Little Park Road. Once on Little Park Road, follow it for about 1 mile until you see a small pull off located on your right. The trail head is an unmarked trail just off of the road.

As with the majority of the trails in this area in order to reach any one particular trail you have to travel on a few different ones. Since I started at the Little Park Road trail head I began by following the lower Gunny Loop trail until I came to the intersection of the Holey Bucket trail. The beginning portion of this trail looked like an antique dumping ground. There were large piles of old cans and broken glass scattered all around. At his point I took a short un-named trail that traversed the small valley and connected to the Clunker Trail.

From this point I followed the Clunker trail along the base of the hill as it wove its way through the boulders and gullies. After about half a mile the trail connects to the Holy Cross trail. From this oint I turned right and followed the trail to the top of the hill where it finally connected to the Miramonte Rim trail.

Once on the actual Miramonte Rim trail I followed it across a flat ridge until I came to the loop portion of the trail. At this point you have the option of going left in a clockwise direction or right in a counter clockwise direction. I turned right and followed the trail as it travelled around the rim of the hill. Once on the loop you will come to about three more markers. One is a little connecter trail that takes you back to the Clunker trail, another side trail leads to the Miramonte trail (not to be confused with the Miramonte Rim Trail) and yet another is called Leftover Lane. As you can imagine there are many different options that a person can take.

I continued following the trail around the rim until I came back ot the beginning of the loop. From here I continued back the way I came until I reached the intersection of the Clunker trail and the Holy Cross trail. To break things up and not return the way I came I chose to follow the Holy Cross trail around the perimeter of the valley until it connected to the Holey Bucket trail. I turned left onto the Holey Bucket trail and followed it as it gradually climbed its way from the valley floor and back up to the Gunny Loop trail. Once back on the Gunny Loop trail I followed it back the way I came and back to Little Park Road.




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