Little Park No Name Trail

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 Little Park No Name Trail
Date: 2/4/2013
Difficulty: Moderate
Miles: 2
Rating: 3star
Time: 1hr 15min
Trail Head GPS Coordinates: 39° 0.618’N , 108° 36.542’W
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The Little Park No Name Trail is not an official name for this trail. The trail actually has no name that I could find so I let my creative juices flow and just called it the Little Park No Name Trail. There are actually a couple access points to this trail, one being a small pull off just off of Little Park Road and the other being the Little Park Road trail head. I began at the little pull off from Little Park road.

To access the trail head from 1st and Grand in Grand Junction you need to travel west on Grand Ave. which is also Hwy 340 for about .86 miles. Turn left onto Monument road and follow it until you reach Rosevale road on your left. Turn here and follow Rosevale road  for about 1.1 miles until you reach Little Park Road. Turn right here and follow Little Park Road for about 3.5 miles. You will see the small pull off on your left along with the opening in the fence.

The trail begins by climbing a short distance to a “T”. At this point I turned right and followed the faint trail as it traveled along the ridge of the hill. The trail is pretty faint to begin with but once you go a short ways it becomes more defined. The trail continues its gradual descent as it follows the rim of a small canyon. I saw a small herd of about 5-8 deer strolling along a lower bench below me.

After about ¾ of a mile you will come to a graveled two track trail. Turn left here. This trail leads you directly to the Little Park trail head.

Once you reach the large parking area, make your way to the small kiosk and take the unmarked trail that is just to the left of the kiosk. From this point on it is a gradual uphill hike through the junipers until it opens up into a wide meadow area. This is the last flat section, once past the meadow it is uphill all the way back to the trail head.

There are a number of little side trails that stray off to your left the whole way. I believe most of them will connect to the other side of the trail so if you want to shorten your hike at any time you can cut across on one of these. I just tried to stay to the right most of the time and that worked out fine.

With the higher temperatures the snow was melting pretty good and portions of the trail were pretty muddy. There were still quite a few snow patches and rocks to step on that helped keep my feet a little drier.

Overall this was a pleasant trail to hike, the close proximity to town and the short distant makes for a quick outing. I don’t think this trail gets used a massive amount plus the deer I always see in this area s an added bonus.






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