First Flats Loop

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 First Flats Loop
Date: 8/18/2014
Difficulty: Easy
Miles: 1.8
Rating: 3star
Time: 45min
Trail Head GPS Coordinates: ° 1.248’N , 108° 36.551’W

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FirstFlats1The First Flats trail is considered part of the Lunch Loop trail system. There are over twenty two different “official” trails located within this relatively small area. The First Flats trail is an actual trail but it is listed as an “In and Back” type of trail plus it’s less than half a mile one way so it’s a little short. I like to do loop trails so I try to find ways to connect different routes and make things a little more exciting, therefore I combined the First Flats trail with a portion of the Gunny Loop trail to make small loop.

To reach the trail head from 1st and Grand in Grand Junction  you need to travel west on Grand Ave. also known as highway 340 for just under 1 mile until you come to Monument Road. From here you will need to turn left onto Monument Road and travel about ¼ mile until you come to Rosevale Road which will be on your left. Follow Rosevale road for about 1.2 miles until you reach Little Park Road. Once on Little Park Road, follow it for another 2.6 miles or so until you come to a small pull off on the right side of the road. Across the road you will see a small sign indicating the Gunny Loop trail. My route started from here.

The trail begins by climbing to the top of the small ridge where you will come to a “Y” in the trail. At this point youFirstFlats4 need to take a right and follow the trail as it winds its way along the rim of a small canyon. This portion offers some nice views of the Grand Valley.

Soon the trail bears to your right and drops and twists as it crosses some small washes and weaves its way through the trees. There are some opportunities for some nice pictures of Grand Mesa along this section. Once again you’ll come to another sign indicating Gunny Loop straight ahead and Little Park Trail Head to the right. Be sure to go right.

Once you turn right you will basically be on the First Flats Trail. From here the trail follows an old road. The trail is pretty wide and has sections of gravel along it. You will see the Little Park Trail Head parking areFirstFlats9a as well as the bathrooms off in the distance. Continue following this route until you come to another “Y” shortly after crossing a large wash. Bear to the right at the “Y”. A short distance later the trail branches again. Turn right once more and follow the trail back to Gunny Loop. You should come out at the top of the ridge just a short distance from the trail head.

This is a short easy trail that is consistent with the rest of the trails in this area and it can probably be done quite a bit quicker if you choose. I think it would be a good beginners trail or a short jogging trail for someone looking to just get out of the house.



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