Eagles Wing Trail

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Eagles Wing
Rating: 3star
Type: Loop
Time: 3 hours
Trailhead GPS Coordinates: 39° 1.481’N, 108° 36.422’W
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The Eagles Wing Trail is part of the “Lunch Loop” trails located within the Tabeguache Trail system. You can download a copy of a map of the Lunch Loop Trails here.There are a couple options to access this trail, one being off of Monument Road and the other is from Little Park Road. I opted for the Little Park Road access.

To reach the trail head from 1st and Grand in Grand Junction  you need to travel west on Grand Ave. also known as highway 340 for just under 1 mile until you come to Monument Road. From here you will need to turn left onto Monument Road and travel about ¼ miles until you come to Rosevale Road which will be on your left. Follow Rosevale road for about 1.2 miles until you reach Little Park Road. Once on Little Park Road, follow it for about 2.4 miles until you come to a pull off located on your left. The trail head is directly across the road.

The route this post describes consists of about six different trails. The Eagles Wing section of the hike was the longest so that why I titled it Eagles Wing.


The hike began on the Lunch Line portion where it gently climbs up the hill for about .5 miles. Once you reach the top you will come to a “y” in the trail. The right hand portion is for bikes only and it is listed as one way only. The trail you will need to take travels along the edge of the hill with some great views of the Ribbon Trail area along with Echo Canyon and the Monument.

The trail follows along the rim of the hill for a short distance until it turns north and gently begins dropping down towards the valley floor. About halfway down you will come to the Eagles Wing Connector trail which I think will take you back to the beginning. I continued heading down the trail which is by now called Eagles Tail.

As the trail drops down it eventually connects to the Pet-E-Keys trail that eventually connects to the Tabeguache Trail which I followed until I came to the Pre-Nup trail. From this point the Pre-Nup trail makes its way up a small canyon then climbs its way over a small ridge where it follows another small canyon as it winds its way below a few houses situated on the hillside. Be sure to stay on the trail because the east side of the trail is all private property. Continuing on the trail will lead you back to Little Park Road where it exits just below where you began.

This is a nice area to hike, you do need to be aware of mountain bikers because it is very popular with that crowd. Given the close proximity to town and the high usage of the area I would imagine there would not be much wildlife. I did see signs of deer, a rabbit and I have heard that someone had seen mountain lion tracks. The views are great of the grand valley and surrounding area and there are many photo opportunities


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