Canyon View

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 Canyon View
Date: 1/2/2013
Difficulty: Moderate
Miles: Approx. 3.5 miles round trip
Rating: 3halfstar
Type: Loop
Time: 2.5 Hrs
Trailhead GPS Coordinates: 39°24’2.69″N, 108°50’56.62″W
Third Flats
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The Canyon View Trail is located South of Grand Junction and is located along the East side of Little Park Road. To access the trailhead from 1st and Grand in Grand Junction travel West on Broadway for approximately .87 miles until you reach Monument Road. Turn left and travel another .17 miles to D Road, turn left here and follow D Road until it turns into Rosevale Road. Continue on Rosevale Road for another 1.2 miles until you reach Little Park Road on your right. Turn onto Little Park road and follow it for about 4.1 miles. The trail head is located at the second actual road on your left. Follow the nicely graveled road down to a large parking area. If you have a high clearance vehicle you can continue down the road and park a little closer to the actual trail head. Starting at the parking lot only adds a short distance to the overall hike. There is a pull off shortly before the trailhead on your right where I parked and it was a short walk up Little Park Road to the trail.

The trail begins by following a road that connects to the Billings Canyon Jeep Trail. There are trails that branch off in various directions along the way. As you continue down the road you will go for just under 1 mile until you come to the second “Y” in the road. At this point the trail bears to the right and begins to work its way to the top of the hill. Up until now the road wasn’t showing any official name. Once you make the first turn to your right the trail will follow along a fence for a short distance until you come to the actual beginning of the Canyon View trail.

At this point the trail passes over a strange cattle guard looking thing and begins following the canyon. This section of the trail is where it gets its name due to the fact that it travels along a small canyon and maintains a steady climb to the top of the hill.

This section of the trail offers some great views of the grand valley and surrounding area. Once you reach the top of the hill the trail actually turns into Rollover Ridge. Continue down the main route until you come to the Quad Rocker trail that it located on your left. From this point the trail drops down the rest of the way and connects back to the main road coming in. From here just follow the road back out to your vehicle.

The whole trail system in this area offers many uses including hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, atv riding and limited jeeping so be sure to watch out for oncoming traffic.


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