Moab Giants


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Moab Giants

Date: 38/28/2016
Type: restaurant/sightseeing/museum
Miles: Approx. 105 miles from grand Junction
Access: Passenger Car Friendly
Usage: High
Rating: 4halfstar
restrooms: yes
Moab Giants Website


MoabGiants54With so many things to do and sights to see in western Colorado and eastern Utah one of the hardest things to do is deciding what to do. When it comes to history and tourism around here there are two things that often stand out. One is indians and rock art and the other is dinosaurs.

I’ve been hearing a lot about a new dinosaur museum in Moab Utah called Moab Giants ┬áthat has been getting some pretty good reviews. So I figured I would check it out. Even if the museum itself didn’t deliver you can never go wrong visiting the Moab area. Utah is home to some of the most unique and breathtaking scenery in the U.S. needless to say it never disappoints.

Moab Giants is about 100 miles from Grand Junction and about 1 1/2 to 2 hours depending on DSCF6814awhich way you go. You can travel the highway the entire distance or take the Upper Colorado River Scenic Byway. Since it’s about the same distance either way you take a great option is to take the scenic byway on the way down and return via hwy 191 and I-70 to make a nice loop which offers more and different scenery.

To get to the museum from Grand Junction Colorado you need to head west on I-70 for about 50 miles until you reach exit 214 which takes you to the old ghost town of Cisco. Shortly after Cisco a sign indicates Moab to the left. Continue following UT-128 until it connects to US-191 just outside of Moab. Utah-128 travels across a barren desert landscape frequented by roving herds of antelope until you enter the valley and begin following along the river.

MoabGiants18Shortly after passing the historic Dewey Bridge which unfortunately was destroyed by a brush fire in 2008 you will pass Castle and Professor Valleys where there has been numerous movies and commercials made. Fisher Towers is a landmark you can’t miss on your left as you pass through this area. the road narrows and eventually exits the mouth of the cnayon just north of Moab.

From this point to access the museum you need to turn right or north and travel about 8-9 miles until you come to UT SR-313 which is the turn off to Deadhorse point and Canyonlands. You can’t miss the museum on your left.

After purchasing tickets the first thing we did was take a stroll around the half mile long walk with MoabGiants17dinosaurs trail. There are over 100 full size dinosaurs to look at and read about along the trail with the finale being some giant T-Rex’s. The dinosaurs themselves are very life like and are situated in great poses. There are a couple cool areas along the way where the little ones (or big ones) can dig in the sand and find dino bones.

After the trail we checked out the indoor museum. The museum wasn’t huge and looked like there was quite a bit of room to add more features which they might do later on. Many of the exhibits were interactive including educational videos and interactive learning games. they did a great job making it pretty hi-tech.

MoabGiants77Another cool feature they offer is a short 3D movie about creation and the history of our universe. they supply some nice glasses and the 3D effects are amazingly good.

They are currently working on some sort of paleoaquarium which sounds pretty cool but it wasn’t complete yet and I didn’t see when it would be finished.

After exploring the park/museum for a while you can have lunch or grab a drink in the Giants Cafe. I didn’t go in there so I’m not sure how it was.

The last stop before heading out the door is the gift shop. The shop offers the normal wares MoabGiants1such as hats, shirts, magnets etc.. and the prices didn’t seem too outrageous.

If you like dinosaurs then this is a must see attraction. I think they did a great job on putting it all together and spent some quality money on making it a nice and enjoyable family experience.




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