Ridgway State Park

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 Ridgway State Park
Date: 7/22/2013
Access: Passenger car friendly
Number of campsites: 258 RV & Camper, 25 tent and 3 Yurts
Toilets: Yes
Water: Yes
Rating: 4star
Fees: RV-$22, Full Hook up-$26, Tent Sites-$18, Yurts-$70 (Plus $7 daily parks pass for all)
Approx Campground GPS Coordinates: 38° 13.151’N , 107° 44.285’W
Maps: Ridgway Trail Map, Ridgway Dutch Charlie Map RidgwayPaCoChuPukMap
Park Website: Ridgway State Park

Ridgway State Park is located 22 miles south of Montrose Colorado on U.S. Hwy 550 and is one of the premier full service campgrounds in western Colorado.

To access the park from Grand Junction Colorado you need to travel south of US-50 for approximately 60 miles until you reach Montrose. Once in Montrose US-50 turns into US-550 south.  Continue straight through Montrose for another 22 miles or so until you come to Ridgway Reservoir. Once at the reservoir you have your option of the Po-Co-Chu-Puk campground which is the first exit on your right or the Dutch Charlie campground which is the second exit on your right and also houses the visitor’s center. The Dutch Charlie area consists of two campgrounds, the Dakota Terraces campground lower and nearer the lake and the Elk Ridge campground which is up higher on the hill. We stayed in the Dakota Terraces section.

Ridgway offers many year around recreation opportunities including fishing, hiking, swimming, biking and wildlife viewing just to name a few. Some of the wildlife includes elk, bobcat, mountain lion, dear and the occasional black bear. You can always check out the parks website for more information.

The reservoir offers a variety of activities including swimming boating water skiing and fishing. The lake holds a variety of fish including rainbow trout, brown trout, kokanee salmon, some yellow perch and the occasional small mouth bass.

The campgrounds are all passenger car friendly except for the 25 walk in tent sites. The Dakota Terraces and Elk Ridge camp sites all have RV electrical hookups and shared water as well as flush toilets, trash bins and coin operated showers are available at the Dakota Terraces section during the peak times of the year. There are ten walk in tent sites here as well

The Po-Cu-Chu-Puk campground offers full hookups including electrical, water and sewage. This campground is located below the dam and near the Uncompahgre River. There are also 15 walk in tent sites across the river in the trees.

Overall this is a very nice campground that offers a multitude of activities and services for a reasonable fee of $22 a night. There were quite a few people camping but the layout of the area we were in made it feel spacious and enjoyable other than the continuous rain and thunderstorms that refused to leave the area. If you like to fish and be in the outdoors and can get away, I think this would be a great place to spend a few days.



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