Miracle Rock Picnic Area

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Miracle Rock Campground
Date: 5/7/2009
Access: Passenger car friendly.
Number of Campsites: 4
Toilets: Vault
Water: No
Rating: 3halfstar
Fees: None
Approx. Campground GPS Coordinates: 38°58’48.98″N, 108°52’17.57″W

Miracle Rock Campground is actually only a picnic area and not a dedicated campground. Currently the BLM allows over night stays but that could change at any time. The campground consists of four family campsites with fire pits, tables and thankfully shade. Although the campground is located in the higher elevation among the pinion and juniper trees it can still get very hot during the summer months and pretty cool at night. When we visited the campground we couldn’t ask for much better weather, highs in the upper 60’s and 70’s during the day and definitely thick blanket nights.

There are no fees for camping, nor are there reservations, it’s pretty much a first come first served basis. There is a limit of 14 days to stay at the campground.

The campsite is dedicated primarily for tent camping as there is really no spots for RV’s or camp trailers other than the small parking area.

There is an easy 1/2 mile trail that leads you to the base of Miracle Rock which is a huge rock sitting on top of a small 1 foot pedestal. You can check out my “Hiking” page for a description and pictures of the hike.

The area is full of wildlife, deer and elk frequent the field across the road and at night you can listen to the coyotes howling and barking. There are wild turkeys, bear and I’m pretty sure there are probably mountain lions around as well.

Hiking and horseback riding are allowed all over the area as long as you stay off of private property, mountain biking and off-road vehicles are allowed on existing roads only.

Be sure to travel up the road a couple miles and visit the “Potholes”, it is a beautiful area where the small river has cut through the granite stone and has created various pools. The area is very popular for swimming but it is also very dangerous. I would recommend not doing any swimming in this area.

The road eventually dead ends at private property shortly past the potholes. This whole area is maintained and managed by the BLM and due to its moderate use is monitored fairly regular.





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