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There is literally an unlimited amount of places to go camping in Western Colorado and Eastern Utah. Campsites range from the low lying deserts near Grand Junction and Moab all the way up into alpine meadows around Aspen and Silverton.

Remember to take great care in planning your camping adventure, do your research and go prepared. Western Colorado and Eastern Utah can be very unforgiving. Remember never camp in dried up stream beds or low lying areas, flash floods can occur quickly with devastating results. Don’t camp on high ridges as well, especially in the high country. Most areas in the high country have thunderstorms that roll through pretty much every day and lightning can be deadly.

Be sure to bring warm clothes also. The desert areas can be 100deg. during the day but the temperatures can drop dramatically overnight. The higher country is almost always pretty cool overnight.

Click on a link below to get campground information in Colorado and a brief description of each area and directions on how to get there.