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Welcome to Colorado West Outdoors

This website was created to give a brief description of things to do and see primarily in western Colorado and eastern Utah. I will continually update the pages as I explore the many different areas around this region. There is alot to do and see in this wonderful and beautiful part of the world. So, sit back, relax and explore the marvels.

This weeks “Featured Day Outing” is Morrow Point Dam/Silver Jack Reservoir. Click above to read all about it.



Click here to access the interactive event maps for Eastern Utah & Western Colorado

Looking for recently stocked lakes & fishing information for Colorado lakes? Click the image below and you will be taken to the Colorado Fishing Atlas brought to you by the Colorado Parks & Wildlife. You will find fishing information, fishing regulations, fish species, driving directions plus much more!

Click here to access the Colorado Fishing Atlas

Click here to access the Colorado Fishing Atlas


Hiking. Updated -9/1/2014


Click here to access the Hiking page.

Colorado and Utah offer some of the best and most scenic hikes of any where. Click the picture above or a Link to the left to choose your next adventure.


Camping. Updated – 7/29/2013 

Click Here to go to the Camping Section.

If you like to camp, this is the place to be. There is a large variety of camping opportunities in Colorado and Utah. You can camp in RV type parks or pitch a tent deep in the forest. Click the picture above or the link to the left to go to the camping page.


Day Outings. Updated – 9/9/2014  updated

Click here to access the Day Outings page.

There is a large variety of places to go in Colorado and Eastern Utah that offer the convenience of just getting out of town for the day. Click on the picture above or the link to the left to see the Day Outings Page.


Minerals and Fossils. Updated – 7/2/2012

Click here to access the Minerals & Fossils page.

Western Colorado and Eastern Utah offer unlimited opportunities for the rockhound. The majority of the samples I’ve found are from the vicinity of Grand Junction. Click the picture above for the Rockhounding Page.


Miscellaneous Info. Updated – 9/9/2013

Micellaneous Info and Interesting Topics

This page is a collection of various informative subjects that deal with the outdoors or that I just find plain interesting.


Store. Updated 10/15/2013 – CLOSED Temporarily


Click here to visit the Colorado West Outdoors Store

Our store is currently closed. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Visit our store where you will find a variety of handmade necklaces and mantle pieces made specifically to decorate yourself and your home. Check back often because new products are added regularly